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The Benishangul Gumuz Regional state (BGRS) is one of the nine federal constituents of Ethiopia. The region is situated in the Blue Nile River Basin. With the reference to the country, the region is located in the North West part of Ethiopia. .Based on the various sources the land mass of the region is estimated to be 50,380km2.Moreover, the Benishangul Gumuz Regional state is bounded by Amhara ,Oromia ,Gambella Regional states and the Republic of Sudan in the North, East , South and West respectively. It stretches along the Sudanese border between 90 35'' and 110 39'' N western and eastern limits are between 34020'' to 360 30'' E.

Topography of the region is composed of mainly low land and plains and a few mountainous and gorges created by Abay river and its tributaries. While altitude of the region ranges from about 580-2731 MASL, low lands falls from 1000m in pawe to about 600m near the Ehio- Sudan border.


The region's rainfall is unimodal and obtains high rainfall from May to October.Generally, the rainfall is erratic from year to year. However, the highest rainfall occurs usually in August. With regard to temperature, the lowest occurs in August while the maximum occurred during the month of January. Nevertheless, variation of the mean monthly temperature is small. Temperature in the region also varies inversely with altitude. In Asossa and Bamasi areas annual maximum and minimum are 27.0C and 15 respectively while in kamashi area average maximum temperature does not exceed 260c and minimum is around 130C in kurmuk area average maximum temperature reaches up to 330C